The Patrol Division is responsible for daily law enforcement tasks throughout the county, specifically in the unincorporated areas & occasionally within the city limits.  Deputies in the Patrol Division answer calls ranging from domestic violence, thefts, criminal trespass and other calls involving citizens. Deputies also patrol roads throughout the county and issue citations for traffic offenses such as speeding, driving under the influence and reckless driving.


A deputy is responsible for all residents, businesses and roads within his area while on duty and is required to make personal contact with residents whenever possible.  Deputies from the Patrol Division provide residential checks for homeowners while they are on vacation.  A "house watch" can be requested by calling 911 and providing operators with information about your home, your travel plans & time of your return.  A deputy will then check on your home at least once each day.


Patrol Deputies are the first responders who work throughout the county, assisting the citizens and enforcing the law.  Promoting good community relations between the Sheriff’s Office and the public that it serves is a constant priority to  the personnel assigned to this division.  Because patrol is the division that never sleeps, it is often referred to as the backbone of the department.  Patrol Division operates twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.